Top Five Project Entries For This Week

Over the course of the coming weeks, we will be putting out the top five most creative and interesting projects published on and upload on our Instagram page. These projects will be carefully selected by our awesome 54artistry team!

You can send in your suggestions throughout the week and why you think that project should be listed among ‘top five’ (except the project owner of course).

The selected projects would have their links included as such you can also follow the links of these projects, give it your ratings, and include your comments as well. So make sure to publish your project during the week.

Projects would be selected every Friday nights and published on Saturdays. 

As such, we present to you the top five project entries for this week. Please feel free to drop your comments and don’t forget to share! Creative people need love too!

1.    Ola Jinadu, Photographer
        Project Name:  Night photography-Landscape
        Project Description: Here and there of London landmarks
        Project Link:

The Story Behind the Project: As an amateur photographer, I was inspired and fascinated by the architecture and lighting of some of London’s landmarks and buildings. However, I was more inspired shooting the landmarks at night due to the vibrancies of colours, the surreal view and the calmness of the river especially.

The idea of playing about with the functions on camera settings to get the right exposure and the ability to get the right image is also very challenging making night photography a challenging yet rewarding subject. Also, the fact that the best results require specialized equipment, like SLR cameras, tripods and cable releases. After sunset, the view of London is magically transformed, and city buildings looks absolutely stunning in particular the The Shard and the City Building.

I don't really know much to say other than London is absolutely beautiful at night and I cannot wait to come and shoot some night photography in Nigeria when home for holiday.

Why we love the Project: Nigeria can’t wait to have you come and shoot its terraces as well! We hope that Nigeria equally provides you with such beautiful and perfect landscape locations to shoot as well. We will simply just let you see project and let the photos speak for themselves. And if you aren’t absolutely blown away by these sights after, we will give you #50,000. Lol! But no jokes now. You will be absolutely stunned!

2. The Handy Man Designs, Artist
        Project Name:  The Handy Man Designs
        Project Description: TheHandyMan Design creates one of a kind custom hand painted              designs for your gears.
        Project Link:

Why we love the Project: Do you Like Colours? Or just bored with mundane and cliché mass produced items that lack individuality, lustre and …colours?! Then the Handy Man Designs are definitely the go-to guys. This duo of Tolu Sholanke and Joey will PIMP YOUR STUFF UP! And you’ll be definitely glad with the outcome. Their idea and works just ooze creativity and innovation, and encourage a sense of individuality. I mean, nobody can steal your stuff now. It’ll be a one of a kind. Just think about that! 

3. Abiola Awolaja, Interior Designer
        Project Name:  Computer generated 3D view
        Project Description: 3D view of a traditional wedding event decor.
        Project Link:

The Story Behind the Project:The project was done basically to fulfill the wishes of the bride. She wanted the traditional feel in a modern continental style and of course her colours were mint green and bronze with white as the base colour.  

Bronze is a variant of brown so we had brown highlights featured in the traditional elements which are the drums, fan, pottery, chairs and of course the traditional mat which served as an area carpet for the parents sitting area.  The green is featured in the pillows, mats, place settings and on the sweetheart area as a backdrop with the swirly screens. The conference style tables had silver coverings with glass tops.

The  florals are arranged in transparent glass vases with pearls at the bottom placed on mirrored bases with tea lights arranged round the base. All of these on a white base which are the drapings on the wall, sofas and chairs.

The overall idea was to create a traditional but classy look which I'm sure was achieved.
The 3D was done to visualize the overall end project and to serve as a template and guide for the vendors to be involved in the event decor and planning.

The 3D design was created with 3dsmax and rendered with Vray then finished with Photoshop.

Why we love the Project: Abiola’s concepts with interiors are always just amazing. You can’t help seeing a work of her’s and not wishing or thinking: Oh! I would like to have my interior (or event place as the case may be) looking like that. Her work is always exceptional and this is no different. The colours go well together, the decorations are on point. It’s a definite dream traditional wedding of any modern day bride.

4. Samuel Orieka, Photographer
        Project Name:  Love Like A Movie
        Project Description:Check this quick portrait session I had on location with queen              Mary @lacremy_mary) and  @kalu_isaiah.
        Project Link:

The Story Behind the Project: Well this was a session with A Face Of Global Beauty Queen, Queen Mary, We wanted something that wasn't common or very regular so we thought of making her outfit from Old Newspapers, which came out nice which made her a very beauty Girl In her community... well I guess the rest of the pictures tell The whole story....

Why we love the Project: With its borrowed title from Darey’s ‘Love Like A Movie’, this project tells a story; and a most interesting one at that. We look how the attitude of the girl in this piece and how her playing ‘hard to get’ is so beautifully and succinctly captured by the photographer. The styling, with old newspapers is also interesting. A very well thought out shoot. All these girls that don’t want to ‘gree’!

5. Bunmi Olatunji, Fashion Designer
          Project Name:  Our Lady Danshiki
          Project Description:Lady Dansiki in different prints and silk.
          Project Link:

The Designer: Bunmi Olatunji is a Bespoke Designer based in Lekki. 

Why we love the Project: The prints, the colours, the combination and the style. If your lady, embrace your not-so-feminine side with these fashion pieces. A lady Danshiki is the new fad and we love it because it is easy to style.