Top 5 Projects for This Week

Here our Top Five Projects for the Week! 

Isimi Taiwo, Artist 

Project Name: What My Eyes Have Seen

Project Description: What my eyes have seen

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The Artist: Isimi Taiwo aka Isimism is a versatile artist whose works exhibit great precision and details.

Why we love the Project: ‘What My Eyes Have Seen’ is an incredibly captivating and breath taking art work by the incredibly talented and versatile artist: Isimi Taiwo. The precision, the depth and the detail in this work is nothing short of amazing. The art work is an image of a left eye, with a tear falling down from tear duct.

You can also see the tiny blood vessels in the white of the eye and the pupil, which also reflects an image of what the eye is seeing. Instead of a full cornea, a camera is drawn and the final effect is the most beautiful and realistic sight ever! Great Work Isimi! Isimism should be a movement!

Banji Abioye, Photographer

Project Name: Enchanted

Project Description: Fairytale inspired creative series

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The Photographer: Banji Abioye is a photographer and he loves to create!

Why we love the Project: This fairy tale inspired photo shoot truly reminds you of everything fairytale is. Featuring top model Ojima Atawodi who is styled in a purple dress that is only fit for a queen she definitely dons a tiara to complete her look. The team behind this shoot is amazing did an amazing job. Banji is sure an amazing photographer.

Victoria Charles, Fashion Designer

Project Name: She Conqueror

Project Description: Victoria Charles Clothing presents its S/S16 campaign photos.

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The Fashion Designer: Victoria Charles is a Fashion Designer based in Enugu.

Why we love the Project: This project is a fashion collection/lookbook of the S/S 16 campaign of Victoria Charles Clothing, the brand. The collection has Perfection, style, elegance written all over it and we absolutely are in love with it. The details, the colours, the style of every fashion piece in this collection shows that they have been well thought out and carefully put together. Another reason why we love this project is because of the theme. It seeks to represents a strong fearless woman. Something that we are sure it achieves. 

Adebusola Adebayo, Photographer

Project Name: H A L O

Project Description: Model: @mel_oniks, Makeup by @ashrayee, Light by @illuszionzofficial

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The Photographer: Adebusola Adebayo is a creative beauty, fashion, advertisement and commercial photographer.

Why we love the Project: Adebusola’s work is always a delight! And one that we always look forward to.  The photos in this project come in monochrome and coloured. Just like his other works HALO is equally captivating. It is the picture of a girl and it has a halo effect just like its name implies. 

Bakare Promise, Fashion Designer

Project Name: Colour Harmonies

Project Description: Happy Sunday Guys... Blog back soon but here is a shoot with a photographer friend of mine. ..Mikaela Cordery

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The Fashion Designer: Promise Bakare is a Fashion Blogger, Designer and Model. She is also a lover of food, culture, art and fashion. She is a Nigerian living in the UK.

Why we love the Project: The colour contrast in this project is very appealing. The model is dressed in yellow and is against a colourful leafy background that is provided by the red and green and a little bit of yellow leaves.