Third Set of Winners Emerge In The 54artistry Reward Initiative

We are proud to announce to you the third set of winners for the 54artistry Reward Initiative N200, 000 giveaway. These projects meet the required criteria. The Four Winners for this week are:

1.      Moyosoreoluwa Aiyekitan, Writer

Project Name: Thunder

Project Description: Sometimes the walls are invisible. It doesn't mean that we are not trapped behind them.



Moyosoreoluwa is a painter; with words she paints vivid pictures on the canvas of the mind. She works as a content developer and copy writer at DIJO comms. 


Short Description: This write up is a very interesting read. It is captivating and it borders on deep societal issues about women, infidelity, incest and the complacency or feigned ignorance and silence of women which society has many times forced them into. The ending is a little comical and it is narrated using a first person style narration.

THE STORY BEHIND THE PROJECT: As a writer the story finds you. One day this sad story found me. I was at home when a friend told a story of a young lady whose brother in law was having sex with her. So I decided to tell her story to the world without making her a victim. – Moyo

 2.      Ezinne Egwu, Artist

Project Name: HAGGARD

Project Description: A typical Nigerian N500 note that has passed the test of time..


Ezinne is a lover of creativity of any form and type, although she shows preference to Art. She is currently a final year law student.


Short Description: The picture is a real life drawing of a rumpled N500 note. As Nigerians, this picture is very common to us and we see it every day in our daily lives, with the conductor who squeezes it while giving change or collecting fares, the Agege bread seller or the market woman who rumples it into her brassiere or ties it in a knot in her wrapper. The naira begs to be treated with respect and care. Our currency is a form of our national image and should be regarded with dignity. A second time winner, Ezinne has really impressed us here.

THE STORY BEHIND THE PROJECT:  My drawing of that 500 naira note was totally serendipitous.. I only brought out a squeezed note from my jean pocket and immediately, it occurred to me that it could make a perfect 9D Art if I made it look like it could be picked out of the paper. Then I went ahead and meticulously observed the main characteristics (signatures, Zik's face, words written in Arabic etc.) and drew afterwards.I 'm grateful to God for the outcome. Again, thank you for creating this platform. – Ezinne

 3.      Obinna Obioma, Photographer

Project Name: Glimpse of perfection

Project Description: Fashion Photography



Obinna Obioma considers himself to be an artist , using his camera as his tool for expression. Having a passion for photography has helped him actualise and also create what he would consider art. 


A student of diplomacy and international law, photography has been at the centre of his core, thus going professional was a big and inevitable step for him. He hopes to one day impact the world with his passion, one frame at a time. 


Short Description: The very colourful scenery and beautiful unique blend of so many different colours makes this project a very interesting work of art. The work speaks for itself (in the language of many colours). You should see for yourself.


My project, "Glimpse of Perfection" was born out of the idea to blend fashion and nature. Seeing as only nature can be perfect, I sort to merge the two, using flowers as the major theme for the shoot. The result is what you see now. – Obinna

 4.      Ekundayo Gbadebo, Graphic Designer

Project Name: Better than Good Enough

Project Description: A selection of photos i took from my travels across Nigeria.



A graduate of International Relations, his family has always been on the artsy side, with his mother being a lover of paintings and African carvings, and his brother an artist (painting & drawing), so he believes that that is where he was influenced to pick up the flair for photography. He loves taking nature/abstract photographs, but once in a while he shoots people too.


Short Description: With a very interesting title, this collection of pictures takes the very mundane things in our society that we do not even necessarily notice and captures these moments in a very artistic fashion. We see a woman carrying bread in one arm, an aerial view of a river bank, a tanker, an empty road with leaves and trees creating a canopy and we come to realise that there is beauty even in mundane things.



The project "better than good enough" was influenced by my travels round Nigeria,taking pictures and telling stories along the way- Dayo


Two more weeks to go!!!!


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