Team Fest Africa Astute Professionals Brunch with Alibaba and Others

The Brunch With Astute Professionals held on Friday July 19, 2015 at the Morning Side Suites at 200c Etim Inyang Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos. The brunch kicked off with an introduction by Joseph Adamu, principal of Olsen-Decker Limited, creators of Team Fest Africa.

Mr Adamu spoke about the idea, the event and the purpose behind TeamFest Africa which is to provide an avenue to help business owners; established and start-ups, grow their businesses.

In contrast, business owners of whatever scale can showcase their products and services to the world. Mr Adamu who is also the visioneer of TeamFest Africa, the continent’s first all business exhibition, where music and fashion also meet also talked about the need for such a unique event to happen because it reached out and appealed to a younger generation of business owners who enjoyed mixing business with pleasure.

Alibaba who famously stands as the pioneer of Nigerian comedy business spoke with wealth of experience and knowledge in the comic industry. Alibaba, speaking about his own personal experience made references to the Bible, citing the story of the boy with five loaves of bread and two fishes which Jesus fed multitude with as his first lesson in the SME business.

He recommended David in the Bible and his consistency in doing a good job as a music player as the root cause to his being worthy to lead the nation of Israel, despite been just a shepherd boy who was seen as a nonentity by some.

Alibaba also advised that even as small businesses, the protocols remain the same even for the large corporations. He admonished that the upcoming ones do the best they can in whatever space they find themselves as that can only be the way they can gain recognition.

Another professional present at the brunch,F liptyce, who is famous for the beat in P-square’s‘Chop My Money’ Remix with superstar Akon, also shed light on the matter of starting small no matter what.

Fliptyce (Folorunsho Busayo Phillips) shared his personal story turned glory of how he started making beats from his university days as a Geology student at the University of Ado-Ekiti.

Knowing what it takes to make it to the top, Fliptyce now makes mega hit songs, working with big names such as hip-hop star and music mogul Dr Dre.

Most success stories around the world have been told with a small beginning. From the starting point, with dedication, hard-work and perseverance, they made it to the point where they are been talked about.

54artistry which supports and empowers creative talented Africans by giving them the exposure they need and an avenue to express themselves through its channels was also present at the Morning Side Suites Exotic bar, venue of the meeting.

Rubrik Studio represented by Chike Dominic and his colleagues also gave voice to the movement, calling out to the youths to come up and take over the architectural industry: a call which Alibaba commented, adding that creativity is not necessarily about displacing the people who were already in the game.

He said: ‘Creativity is about remaining relevant, upping your game even though you have been there for so long and constantly evolving with time and season so that you and your craft do not become obsolete,’ adding that the older ones should give the younger ones the opportunity to also shine and be great.

Alibaba clamoured on the non-challance of the younger generation refusing to grab business opportunities that abound and are available but are so quick to jump at pleasurable ventures.

There’s so much admiration for Alibaba not just for being a comedian but due to volume of moving words that he speaks. His stance on societal issues and vehemence to the ills and wrongs that so pervades the society.

Team Fest Africa is a platform created to combine the groovy nature of the young and upcoming generation (who love to party and have fun) with the unpopular ‘serious’ trappings of a business oriented environment (which the young people run from) in such a unique, comely and timely manner where fun and business harmonize.

The fair holding from August 7-9, 2015 is open to all businesses and young professionals who want to experience a parading shift in their organizational growth; participants are to register on to book their stands for the expo.

Interested participants can get a 10% discount through 54artistry by registering on and inserting in the space provided for websites. 

Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure? 


Written by Adora Obubo

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