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Kenechukwu Nwadiogbu, Artist

Project Name: On A Spaceship Album Cover

Project Description: I created the Artwork itself with charcoal and pastel on paper for the "On A Spaceship" album and personally designed the album cover myself.

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Kenechukwu says he has sought the simplest tools of modern human expression – pencil and paper. And this is art.

Check out his works here

Why we love the Project: This is an incredibly amazing art work. Except you are told it is an art work, you might not know. Not to say much,  Just See For Yourself!

Shafau Yusuf, Make Up Artist

Project Name: Fulani Princess makeup inspiration

Project Description: Pulchritude well-dressed Fulani princess.

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Shafau Yusuf is a professional MUA based in Abuja and a make up Supplier

-Check out her works here :

Why we love the Project: This project truly captures and brings out the beauty of the Fulani tradition and the makeup is truly on fleek!

Emmanuel Elbuba, Artist

Project Name: Messi

Project Description: I'm trying to sketch a portrait of Barcelona's Lionel Messi with the used of 4 different shades and colors of biro

The Story Behind the Project: Well, we all know in the world of football, a name reverberates round the world which is Messi. The best of the best. Even though I am a rival fan of his club I admire his genius. What spurred me into sketching his portrait was the fact that he was returning from injury on one of the most significant matches of footballs fixtures (elclassico). I used four colours of ballpoint pen(biro). Black, blue, red and yellow,giving it different shades and uniqueness, on an embossed cardboard paper. It took me about 5 days and 3 hours to finish the portrait on a 16 x 20 scale of image.

Why we love the Project: This work of art was done with just different colours of ‘biro’ and the result is amazing. Also, Lionel Messi Rules. And this work of art does too!

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The Handy Man Designs, Artist

Project Name: Art Attack Convers All Stars

Project Description: Hand painted converse all stars.

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The Story Behind the Project: "TheHandyMan Designs comprises of two artists based in Lagos. The idea for the project came about last month, in the office. We were thinking about being different, regarding what we wear or use. We originally considered ways to change up everyday gear with Ankara material, but later decided against it, as it really wasn't our style. Overtime, paints and brushes became part of the conversation and we concluded on styling gears up with colors. After a lot of research we figured out the materials we'd need, and since the talent was already within us, we got to work".

The whole project is kind of like Pimp My Ride, but this time on everyday items like shoes, bags, even laptops. During our research we found out that things like this are in a fast growth in western countries, but not in Africa, so having one of our own in Nigeria, will show our artistic work and make art come alive in different forms.

Check out more lovely handy works by The Handy Man here

Why we love the Project: What more can we say? Art Attack!

Fasanmi Stag, Photographer

Project Name: Colourful Monochrome

Project Description: As the Name implies.............

Project Link:

The Photographer: Fasanmi Stagg is a Creative Photographer based in Nigeria. 

Check out more his lovely works here 

Why we love the Project: As truly the name implies. The black and white/ monochrome theme truly brings out the colours. Black and White is always a classic!

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