Share Your Creative Tips

This is very true for many creative people we have come in contact with and we understand "the need to learn more" so we  decided to launch a campaign called: “Share A Tip” for creative people out there who might be looking for certain answers or techniques in their different creative fields.

We understand that sometimes being a creative person in whatever field requires skill, time, extra hard work and sometimes, just a random tip from someone else who has been there before. This can put that perfect touch in our work or help with that particular design we’ve been struggling with for a while.

The purpose of this is to not only impart insightful knowledge within and amongst our creative community but to also help us become more skillful in whatever it is that we create.

Therefore, in addition to uploading your beautiful works, you can also create projects where you share a step by step process on how you created your creative work or just a random trick or technique you normally use to achieve a particular result/effect that you think might be useful to another person.

It could be a special technique on shading properly or rendering afro, how to draw, how to make beads, how to take a good photograph, how to catwalk just right or how to sew, etc.

It is necessary for us to also grow a community where we can learn from the many experiences of other creative people. So, please share your tips that might be helpful to other people.

Tips should be interesting. If you want to share a tip, please publish it as a project on (with pictures) under your preferred category.

The best tips will be uploaded on our social media platforms regularly and might even get to feature on major blogs in Nigeria.