Save Big This Year For Your Event or Entertainment Company.

So it’s the beginning of the year and as the CEO or owner or creative director or manager of an event or entertainment company, you are saddled with the responsibility of increasing your profit margin this year to keep all your stakeholders happy at the end of the year. There are many ways to achieving this feat, however, we will propose to you one way we can help you save more money this year.

Question: How much do you spend yearly on travel and logistics cost for your creative vendors? By creative vendors, we mean photographers, makeup artists, artists, graphic/web designers and more.

Answer: Let’s assume you spend at least N100, 000 monthly, that’s an average of N1, 200, 000 every year which will most likely increase depending on the volume of jobs you receive from your clients.

What if?  What if you could save that cost and hire creative people who reside in the location of the job and still get the same (or even better) level of professionalism, competence and outcome?  

QuestionSo you might want to ask, how do I guarantee that we will receive the same level of professionalism right?

Answer: Professionalism is a blend of competence, good work ethics and experience! That’s why at 54artistry, we only recommend creatives who have the aforementioned characteristics, a good track record, based on precedence and have received recommendations from satisfied clients they have worked with. We also verify the identity of creatives we will recommend to you. So job satisfaction is guaranteed irrespective of the location!

Searching For PRO Creatives - Searching for the best PRO freelance creatives can be time consuming sometimes. We can take that burden off you and recommend from 15,000+ PRO freelance creative professional any state in Nigeria.


We often showcase the works of some of our PRO creative members on our Instagram page @54artistry. See here for yourself


So How Does This Work? - Tell us what creative service(s) you require; send your job details to or call us on 0813 953 0773.  We connect you with competent and available creative people who fit your job description, we agree working details, you meet with them, your job gets executed flawlessly and payment is made. 


We value building relationships between creatives and clients, professionalism and a quick response time.

Give us a try today and get ready to be impressed! .


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