This week, we’ve had an amazing number of incredibly awesome works uploaded by our many different talented and creative members and we truly appreciate you for this and we must confess, it’s been quite hard selecting, but we still had to choose. So, here our 54artistry’s Top Five Projects for the Week! Please feel free to drop your comments and don’t forget to share! Creative people need love too!

Seye Kehinde, Photographer

Project Name: Destinambari

Project Description: Created and Inspired by the wonderful Cass Concepts; Model: Regina of Zahara Model Management.

Project Link:

Profile Link:

The Photographer: I am Seye Kehinde II son of Seye Kehinde the First. An 18 year old fashion and conceptual photographer.

Why we love the Project: Seye Kehinde is a young amazing photographer! His works always show a level of creativity that leaves you wanting more and this project is not anything different. The project is a collection of portrait images of a model Regina of Zahara Models) set against a pastel red background and is artistically made up by the equally talented Cass Concepts. Underneath her eyes, and lining the bold coloured eye shadows are heart beat waves and in her hair is rolled with big colourful rollers. This has been a very worthwhile project and big ups to the team behind it.

Emmanuelle Sound, Fashion Designer


Project Description: It is a project photo, to highlight the refinement and the elegance of the black beauty

Project Link:

Profile Link:

The Fashion Designer: Emmanuelle Sound est créatrice Mare Tet (Headwrap) et Bodywrap

Why we love the Project: What do you know about heads carfs, turbans and wraps? Martinique based Emmanuelle Sound jata would absolutely amaze you with her head wrapping and body wrapping skills. The head wraps shown in this project are made with newspapers and flowers. And the result is a spectacular sight. When it comes to head wrapping, Emmanuelle is number one and this project simply shows off her incredible skills.

Austin Chukwu, Artist

Project Name: Beard Gang

Project Description:Pen and pencil on paper.

Project Link:

Profile Link:

The Artist: Austin Chukwu is a self-taught portrait artist.

Why we love the Project: Austin Chukwu (aka El_magnifico4) has done an amazing work.In this work of art, the contrast of the black and white against the coloured gives this work of art a unique overall effect. It is the portrait of a Caucasian man with olive green eyes that are simply enchanting. He is wearing a fedora hat and you can see the wrinkling lines on the forehead of the man; there is a lot of detailing. The artist also gives the man in the portrait a very realistically looking full, thick, blond beard which is the focus of the project.


Fafali Opoku, Makeup Artist

Project Name: GH Maleficent

Project Description:Photo Credit:@oabphotography, Model: Isha

Mua: @facesbyfali

Project Link:

Profile Link:

The Makeup Artist: Fafali Opoku is a Ghana based professional makeup artist available to travel.

Why we love the Project: If you’d ever thought about an African version of ‘maleficent’, what would she look like? As the name implies, this project is based on the original maleficent. The model in this project has beautiful dark skin and her daring and commanding eyes tells you not to mess with her. This amazing Ghana based makeup artist truly makes the model look sinister but in a creative and appealing way. 

Tife Bajulaiye, Photographer

Project Name: Pool Shoot

Project Description:Model: Korede Ajasa, Makeup by: Casskoncept

Project Link:

Profile Link:

The Photographer: Tife Bajulaiye is a portrait, fashion and beauty photographer.

Why we love the Project: This project has a blue theme with it.  The blue of the eye shadow on the model matches the very clear blue of the water. In the picture where the model’s eyes are open, a green is reflected in her eyes and the look or the face the model makes is a seductive one. Tife did a number on this one!


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