Are you a blogger, or do you have products to show off or you just love cool pictures? Flat lay is the new cool as it gives your items that extra sum'n sum'n. Seen those cool flat lay pictures on Instagram and wondered how it was done? Well, here are a few tips on how to take amazing flat lays.


Plain backgrounds work best as a bold backgrounds can drown out the items you are trying to highlight.  If you don’t want to go for the same old solid white backgrounds, try using wallpaper, wooden floorboards, bed covers or even newspapers.

Use Tack (Masking tape)

Tack down the items that have a tendency to roll away, e.g. lipstick.

Make it pretty

Use your common visualising senses here.  For example – think carefully of product positioning, don’t post up dirty stained clothes, don’t use too many clashing colourful items, and remember that sometimes less is more and sometimes more is less…


Square format

If you’re uploading your flat lay onto Instagram, then remember they like square format photos so you may want to set up your items in a square {or if you have an iPhone, select the Square option}.

However, if you haven’t shot square then don’t panic because just download the free Whitagram app as it adds a white border to your rectangular photo to make it square.  Or just crop it till you’re happy with it.


Nowadays, smartphones can take great photos…but if you want to go one up, use an actual camera. 


Like photography, editing is a task that requires a lot of trial and error. You can use several different editing apps like VSCO cam, Snapseed.


Get prop happy to add a special touch to your photos, e.g. flowers, candles, inspirational quote prints, MacBook, magazines you know, the likes.

Organization Is Key

 Objects always have to have some sorting. You can organize them by color, size, and shape depending on the type of products (items) you are using in the photo. 

Steady hands

Nobody likes a blurry eyeball-hurting shot. Hold your breath as you take the photo.  Or if it is possible, use a tripod.


And remember, Practice makes perfect…