Getting the Best Out of Your Small Bedroom Space

We don’t always have the luxury of living in extremely big apartments or spaces/rooms. Even at that, you may never get the best out of a big spaced room except you know how to manage small spaces. This write up will help you understand how to use your small space efficiently and what may be taking up more space than it should.  Let’s look at how to make the most of your small bedroom space. 

1.    Love your CornersUse the corners of your bedroom to create more storage. You can put up a hanging rod in the corners to hang sweaters or blankets. 


2.    Buy furniture that has more than one purpose: If your space is small then it’s a good idea to look into furniture pieces that can serve multiple purposes or furniture saving space as they are usually called, Invest in a bed that has storage underneath or a desk that folds against the wall to maximize space effectively.


1.   3.    Attach This to your Wall: Save your floor space, Mount lamps and shelves to the wall. Whatever you need, there’s typically a lot of wall space in your home that can be taken advantage of for adding things like hanging shelves, hooks or entire storage units.

       4.    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Bring in as many mirrors as you can. Mirrors help bounce light around. The more light you have, the bigger your space will look. Keep your windows uncovered as much as possible to let in the sunlight. So Let there be Light!


       5.    Use Baskets and Cabinets: A small space can easily look cluttered. Opt for cabinets that have doors, or store things in baskets along a bookshelf for a clean, streamlined look. Select only certain things you want to display and show them off on a simple display shelf so everything is not on display and your room looks more organized.


       6.    Get Creative:  You can decide not to be boring and not paint all your walls white. Besides, white walls get dirty quicker and you would always have to repaint sooner. Keep in mind that light colors are a lot more efficient than dark hues in enhancing the feeling of space. 

    Get A Smaller Bed: As appealing as it might seem, a super-large bed will take up a lot of space, so a good plan is to reduce the size of the bed and fill the void with practical furniture accessories. If storage space is an issue, you can always utilize the area under your bed with storage containers. However, if you roll a lot and might fall off, keep your big bed…lol! You can just use the space under for storage. 

1.    8.    Heavy Curtains? You can opt for window blinds instead. Curtains, especially when they are heavy take up floor space. 

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         Image Credit: Google Images