Fourth Set of Winners Emerge in The 54artistry Reward Initiative

Fourth set of winners have emerged in the 54artistry Reward Initiative N200, 000 giveaway. These projects have been carefully selected based on creativity, likes, views, comments and ratings. The Four Winners for this fourth week are:

1.      Moyosoreoluwa Aiyekitan, Writer

Project Name: Skittles

Project Description: Is love the most powerful force? And if it is, is it stronger than death? If love never dies, what happens when our beloved dies? Maybe love can slip through the grip death.

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Moyosoreoluwa is a painter; with words she paints vivid pictures on the canvas of the mind. She works as a content developer and copy writer at DIJO comms. 


Short Description: A second time winner of this reward, Moyo has given us something uniquely beautiful and sad to entertain ourselves with. This beautiful piece is a short story about ‘two weird birds in love’ as she put it where the boy narrates how they met and fell in love over a pack of skittles and tragically dies swimming trying to save a kid and how he visits her as she cries over him because she misses him. The story opens one’s mind up to a love that seems pure, genuine, true and untainted by anything selfish. Do we still have or experience this kind of love nowadays? If we don’t or we haven’t, I believe this story at least helps us imagine what true love is and how it can hurt when one loses a loved one.

THE STORY BEHIND THE PROJECT:  “I am a hopeful romantic; so when my friend told me how she lost her boyfriend in a drowning accident, my mind added a romantic twist to a tragedy” – Moyo  


2.      Amina Jibrin, Model

Project Name: Black is Beautiful

Project Description: A shoot showing how beautiful black is


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Amina Jibrin is a friendly and jovial person who loves making new good friends.


Short Description: Only one thing to say, when you see this project, if you aren’t black, you will want to at least have a taste of what it is to be black. To be black, black skin, black hair, black culture; Black is truly beautiful.

THE STORY BEHIND THE PROJECT:  “I actually didn't know there was a competition I just posted the pictures for other people to see. I posted the pictures for people know how beautiful the colour BLACK is”. 

I'm grateful to be picked as one of the winners -  Amina


3.      Princess Adesile, Makeup Artist

Project Name: Smokey Evening Makeup

Project Description: Smokey Evening Makeup Look by @desile_pro

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She is Princess Adesile and her brand name is DesilePro. She is a graduate of Information and Communication Technology, Crescent University, Abeokuta. She calls herself an Auto didacte (Self Taught) Makeup Artist because she never enrolled for any formal training for makeup or cosmetology.

Her passion for fashion was aroused even further  while studying at the University as she received offers to model, attend and participate
at fashion shows, and enroll in pageants! Oh yes! She is  a Beauty Queen.


Short Description: The very colourful scenery and beautiful unique blend of so many different colours makes this project a very interesting work of art. The work speaks for itself (in the language of many colours). You should see for yourself.


Sometimes what you have passion for is always a best bet and most times the right step to achieving your dreams because it just turns
out awesome effortlessly, being a lover of fine art spurs my love for makeup as way back as I was in high school This love for art had me
painting my own face and experimenting with different kinds of products both in high school and University.

Graduating from University started bringing me closer to a lot of people with similar interests and views; some people would even ask me to do their makeup for their introduction, birthday but I’ll say I am not a makeup artist. I have so many senior colleagues who are willing to manage me as a makeup artist.  The continuous compliments I got from friends, colleagues and most especially strangers spurred me into wanting to become a make-up artist.

At my first job I got a very satisfied client who referred me to other friends and that leaves me saying “YOU NEVER GET A SECOND CHANCE TOMAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION”. This was when I finally decided to be a makeup artist. Then after I had this shoot which I put up on 54artistry and it won me some money. The birth of Desile Pro which is a makeup outlet that caters for Bridal, Editorial, Runway and all kinds of makeover. Thank You- Princess Adesile


4.      Efemena Sowho, Graphic Designer

Project Name: Customized Pictures and Frames

Project Description: Some of the pictures are customized birthday photos, while others re framed stylishly,all done by me.


Her name is Efemena Sowho, and she is from Delta State but lives in Agungi, Lekki, Lagos. She is a media consultant, she works online with NAIBAC Social Network. She is also a student, she intends getting a degree in Geophysics from the University of Lagos. She is planning on getting in through their diploma programme.


Short Description: This project is a collection of beautifully framed pictures of which many are of famous people that we know. The graphics designer gives a unique and beautiful finish to each picture.


THE STORY BEHIND THE PROJECT: “Lol, the truth is that, I’ve always loved to play with pictures, my interest for this started about 4 years ago, i started with photofunia. Late last year I discovered a photo editing software, and it had so many varieties. I just like to give beautiful pictures a unique & fabulous look.


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