We are proud to announce the first set of winners in the ongoing 54artistry Reward Initiative N200, 000 giveaway. These projects have been carefully selected based on creativity, likes, views, comments and ratings from four different categories. The Four Winners for this first week are:

1. Ezinne Egwu  - Artist

Project name: 9D Art

Project Description: 9D pencil art on paper, Unedited.


Ezinne Egwu is a brilliant multi-talented artist from Nigeria.

9D Art is a simple but sophisticated pencil drawing of a stainless spoon lying on a flat surface. It is very obvious that a lot of time, effort and patience was put into this piece of artwork because the artist makes such a random and inanimate object come to life and look so real. By merely looking at the picture, you feel like you can just pick up the spoon and hold it in your hands. The detailing, the precise use of light and dark tones, the shading, the shadowing, the depth and the effects all come together in such an artistic and tastefully refined manner to make this work something remarkable that deserves to be rewarded.



“The project is a 9D pencil art on paper. I came up with it in September, 2014.
I wanted to sketch something original, uncommon, exceptional, rare, and extraordinary. So, I thought intensively and eventually came up with it by God's grace. Thank you for creating this platform”.- Ezinne Egwu


2. MuyisBanire Seun - Writer

Project name: Poison

Project Description: The Art of Cheating and the dilemma of making choices even when we know what we want.



Seun is a very talented writer.

An appreciation for the very vivid images painted with words by this writer. ‘Poison’ ushers the reader into the embattled mind of a tempted lover as he struggles between being seduced, overcoming temptation and his eventual downfall. We understand the lover’s contemplation, confliction, resolution and ultimate helplessness and we see that if truly we look within us, sometimes we find ourselves in such ‘poison’ situations. The writer’s work is in a first person narration and he uses an amount of metaphors and imagery to pass his message on. 


“Every day we are faced with the power of choice, especially what's best for us. Many times we know what we want, and many times we settle for the "less" that the society many times defines what decision to make and we are left to just settle. We have cases of what course to study, what we want and what are parents want. The job that pays 250,000 versus chasing a passion that starts small. Staying faithful versus cheating and the most interesting thing is that we need to make the right choice. It's all about the power of choice. 

It also involves ‎staying faithful to your partner regardless of the challenges we have to face. 

Thanks a lot for this offer. It means a lot and encourages me a great deal.” - Muyiwa Banire

3. Tosin Olateru - Photographer

Project name: Psalm 23

Project Description: Inspired by the word of God. Psalm 23 v 5b


This monochromatic photograph is a visual representation of a verse in one of David’s most popular psalms (Psalms 23:5b) that reminds those who believe, of their anointing and abundance as believers in God. The photographer projects the psalmist’s words in a very captivating and vivid image that makes one reflect and leaves one reassured in the promises of God.



 “I was inspired by the word of God; the book of Psalm 23:5b(NIV)... You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Thank you for the privilege; so grateful.” – Tosin Olateru


4. Amanda Ogunyinka- Fashion Designer


Project  Description: Stay classy and chic in cloths by TamandaZ



This fashion collection is a very simple, classy and elegant one.  It depicts a level of chicness that can only be brought about by truly timeless pieces. The designer has put together a collection of styles that can be suitable for different sizes and body types and that would make one look all dressed up, classy and fit in a simple outfit.


“My passion for fashion grew over the years. I love looking simply good and modestly dressed in style.
My vision is to become an icon in fashion designing globally.
To achieve this i intend to broaden my knowledge and continue creating better classy and chic designs for the pleasure of my client.” – Amanda Ogunyinka


This is real everyone, 16 more creative people to go, we are keeping our word to build and empower the largest community of creative Africans and there is so much more to come. To be a part of this weekly reward and other lovely initiatives to come, register and publish your works on for free today and share with your friends. 


Thank you.

54artistry Team