AAugust is an upcoming brand that was created by Emalda Mbulo and Suwilanji Katuka who have both recently graduated in Fashion and Textiles. The combinations of African print, textile techniques and fine tailoring have been a part of their inspiration; giving them the insight to work with both men and women’s wear. "Born in Zambia and relocating to England at a young age gave us a chance to embrace our culture in everything we do|. Their brand is currently based in the UK. 'Our brand philosophy is “Fashion is born of instinct; it’s how you want the world to view you”... Emalda Mbulo and Suwilanji Katuka

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Photographer: Mike Rolls 



ÀSÀKÉOGÉ pronounced (A-SHA- KE-O-GE). ‘Asake’ is the founder’s native name and ‘Oge’ means Fashion in her native Yoruba language.

The London based brand, was founded by Oluyomi Asake Agoro from Nigeria, West Africa. The idea was borne in March 2009 at the London Metropolitan Fashion and Dance Charity Show when she was invited to come up with a collection for the fundraiser.

Officially launched with the “Afrolosophy” collection in spring 2010, ÀSÀKÉOGÉ had a clear vision, to design and produce garments that women of all shapes and sizes would love to wear. Specializing in custom-made womenswear with a passion for bold colours and prints borne from her roots and guided by a strong British tailoring influence, ÀSÀKÉOGÉ designs and produces limited edition ready to wear and one-off garments for the fashion forward woman. Each garment is tailored with attention to detail and emphasis on the feminine silhouette.

The ethos of the label is individuality and uniqueness, it’s a brand for pace setters not fashion followers. The ‘Out Of Africa’ couture collection features exotic African animals and scenery hand painted with jewel embellishments while the ready to wear collection features cutting edge designs in bold prints and tailored silhouettes while a made to measure services is available for occasion and everyday wear.

The limited edition ready to wear is a solution to the fashion victim who finds it easier to follow high street trends as AsakeOge instead designs and produces original, contemporary pieces that set the trend. As well as being available online, bespoke services are also offered for that one-off outfit you need to stand out in the crowd.


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Le Ekhaya is a story of two stories that embody the power of hope, tenacity, determination and personal triumph of over the paralysis of pain,and adversity, and the liberation and triumph of womanhood over subordination and subjugation through fashion in the roraring 60's.

My designs speak to - and of- the resilience and strength of the everyday woman in an era (the 50's and 60's) who kept going and growing despite the many knock-downs women faced in that era, who instead of laying down and 'dying', expressed their defiance through styles that exuded elegance, chique, sexiness and joie de vive!

My Brand says I am every woman and every woman is me.

I, as a designer, let my designs become a fusion that embodies the fierceness of the vintage woman, the fragility of the modern woman and the vision of the future women, my collection is all these elements fused together.  

Le Ekhaya which means "back home" is me; "returning to self" and I am every woman.

Photographer: Mike Rolls

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Nomade's is a clothing brand that mixes many cultural and traditional influences from all over the world (or Africa). In association with local artists NOMADE’S fabrics are created using old world styles. These forgotten if not almost extinct techniques are used to create distinct modern trendy and unique pieces.

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Rose Leather London is a company specialising in luxury handmade leather creations designed & stitched in London. Each piece represents the art of the craft using only the finest quality leather skins. We provide our customers with unique products, as each product is made with dedication and precision.

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Inspired African Fashion, portraying various innovative styles and techniques. Expressing the soul of the cultural continent and the people who live within or come from it.


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Tumiila is a fashion label founded in 2012 by UK based young designer Tumisola Ladega. She was 14 years old at the time but decided she didn't want to wait to begin her dream. Prior to this, her individual designs have featured in competitions from the age of 12.

She has since produced a series of collections as well as individual garment projects.  Through these years her designs have graced the catwalks of major fashion shows and fashion weeks in places such as Miami, Maryland USA, Lagos Nigeria, Johannesburg South Africa and of course London. As a developing label Tumiila touches all areas from high end couture to urban, and from evening wear to ready to wear. Tumisola is now 16yrs old and her work has also had the privilege of recognitionby the honourable Joan Burstein and Professor Jimmy Choo.


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Dumile and Tivamile Dlamini are sisters from the Kingdom of Swaziland and are currently residing in Taipei, Taiwan. Along with their brother, the sisters cofounded and are designers for LIHIYA, which means covering. Lihiya is an initiative to help craftsman and women from the Kingdom of Swaziland and other rural areas globally, generate income through Co-Design projects for fashion and product design.

Our design aesthetic is blending traditional textiles with modern design to create products that are unique, have function, and tell stories of the people in rural areas in different parts of the world. Lihiya is a “cross cultural ambassador” that seeks to connect our customer’s urban lifestyle to the rest of the world. LIHIYA has worked on design projects with indigenous people of Republic of China Taiwan, Tibet, the Hakka people of Taiwan Ping Tung and textiles from the Kingdom of Swaziland. Our mission statement is to “Speak for those who cannot speak for themselves”.


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Selina Beb is a fashion brand from Ghana that specializes in top of the range items for men, women and children.

The brand of amazing bags, comfortable footwear, beautiful jewellery and modern accessories. For a bold clutch or a great way to jazz up your iPad, Selina Beb has a solution tailored for you.

We aim to make our customers feel like royalty when using our bespoke items. Products are made with genuine leather, high quality African was prints, rare and unique beads and the best in raw materials that are all carefully handpicked by the designer to ensure the best possible final product. Aiming to produce items proudly made in Ghana that are not only of the highest quality but exquisite, Selina Beb bags, footwear and accessories are all made by hand and each item is made with the utmost effort, care and love.

At SB we carefully blend the rich history and culture of Ghana with modern and innovative design of the world today to bring you a brand you will learn to love as much as we do.

From the simple and understated man to the bold, colourful and risk taking lady, Selina Beb has something to suit you perfectly.

Photographer: Mike Rolls


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Victoria Grace is a fashion label created and curated by Jennifer Rönne.  Jennifer is a London born Nigerian, married to a German.  Her fashion career spans from working with Condé nast Vogue UK, Calvin Klein London, and an independent PR consultant in the UK.  She is currently working and living in Lagos Nigeria with her family where she created Victoria Grace; a classical label for Elegant, Graceful and Victorious women.  She blends the Eastern & Western fashion with African Ethnicity , a combination of both her life and work experience.  Victoria Grace collection campaigns to raise awareness towards Sickle cell anaemia.


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