AIMEEKU is a newly established African inspired clothing brand based in Taiwan, a new tribe of fashion designed with lots of wax prints, colourful tweed, coloured denim, picturesque patterns and more. 

S/S 2016 collection "Blossom" was presented at the catwalk show. 


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Founded in 2014 by Lydie Djamba and Helen Akenda Ciza, the ALISHA brand is for young and dynamic women. The clothes are very colourful, sportive and ethnic. Lydie and Helen are cousins. They are originally from DRC. Lydie lives in the Netherlands where the waxi fabric is made and Helen lives in Belgium.

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At Athaena, we custom make luxury bridal and eveningwear for the discerning woman. We are a brand synonymous with grace, elegance and craftsmanship. Our garments are made from fine silks and fabrics, which we source from around the globe. We cut, drape, hand-embroider with love and care in our studio. The result is the trademark of an Athaena gown.

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CarolineBeyll is an inspiration of flattering and waist accentuating form of the 50's dresses combined with flawless and seductive pieces that are Exclusive, Distinctive & Captivating. We offer style that is timeless with gorgeous, out of this world fabric.  Our designs are unique, fresh & young at heart and are also fun but sophisticated dresses.   Stay ahead of the trends and be a timeless example of fashion at its finest.

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“Chiemelie”  is a British based brand that focuses on bringing an Afro-European touch to women’s clothing creating bold, chic and practical ready to wear pieces. Each piece attempts to blend and harmonize the bright, bold, elegant and colorful qualities of African fabrics and with rich, graceful, soft European fabrics to create that trendy contemporary look.

From the ascot-ready dresses to the elegant jumpsuits, each piece is set to make every woman feel confident, beautiful and empowered.

 “Chiemelie”  is based in Derby, Unied Kingdom.


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Eyola set up her eponymous label in the heart of London in August 2008, soon after completing her Master's degree in Milan at prestigious fashion school IED Moda Lab. Before embarking on her own fashion label, she trained at several world-renowned fashion houses, including Alexander McQueen.

The fashion house has two lines: Eyola, the contemporary ready-to-wear line and Eyola Customised, an online virtual design companion assisting women to design their own classic wardrobe staples, with a focus on Savile Row-inspired sharp tailoring.

The Eyola brand champions feminism and the handmade sensibility of nineteenth century intricate and bespoke tailoring. With a penchant for lavish textiles and ornate detailing, the brand exudes an innate sense of style, femininity, timelessness and opulence. Each silhouette, crafted by self-acclaimed 'fashion sculptor' Eyola, is an eccentric display of cut and proportion reminiscent of the Victorian era. Eyola’s richly embellished, form-fitting, sculptural aesthetic has become her signature style. 

The Eyola brand looks to the past to create a new era of style and a novel system of fashion. Each silhouette is created as part of an eight-piece capsule collection called an 'octette', a new fashion term coined by Eyola that is derived from one of the Victorian era's most iconic fashion items - the corset, which creates an hourglass figure-8 shape.

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Farida’s Atelier was founded by Farida Musa Halliru an award winning Emerging African fashion designer from Nigeria. She specializes in women’s bespoke clothing and ready to wear.  Her designs are a blend of African prints in European contemporary style. Her inspiration comes from almost anything that catches her eye from Prints, Pictures, accessory objects, Patterns, and even a woman’s Silhouette. Her flair for fashion motivates her and pushes her to be unique and true to herself. When designing Farida puts the modern African woman in mind and creates flattering feminine designs that would accentuate the real woman’s body. Her technical knowledge of proper cloth fitting and design armed with her creativeness enables her design clothes that reflect the modern day African woman.

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House of Mucha was founded and created by creative director and Hertfordshire based LinDi Mucha who has always had a passion for Afrocentric wear since her teen years.

 Zimbabwean born LinDi has created a unique afro-vintage sophisticated style which is aimed at the young and mature generation with a contemporary lifestyle. LinDis understanding of vintage design and traditional African styles has created a new and elegant AfroVintage brand as inspired by her mother's fashion style of the 70's. 

LinDi loves mixing different fabrics to create trendy styles using distinctive print colors, high quality fabric to intricate fusion of patterns and a rich African aesthetic . Lindi studied arts design whilst in law school and is excited to commence studies in the London College of Fashion to study Fashion design this October.

LinDi travels frequently to source unique fabric and create employment in developing areas

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The daughter of a seamstress, Messy's love for fashion started at a very young age. Messy arrived on British soil nine years ago from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Mary Martin, a self-taught, award winning fashion designer setting fearless trends and taking Africa by storm. Mary is still studying fashion in London, which is remarkable considering she was asked to headline the Mercedes Benz International Fashion Week 2015 in Accra Ghana, and as a result was honoured as the best designer in Africa.

She has a faithful fan-base of celebrities who adore her outrageous, bespoke designs and her self-produced catwalk shows in Mayfair are always a sell-out. A drive to succeed and a desire to ensure longevity in her designs, Mary is on a mission to ensure her designs surpass her as an individual. A tall order, as Mary’s personality shines through everything she does.

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KILUMBA's (beautiful woman), an African inspired fashion brand of choice, symbol of quality, style and comfort internationally. Created in late 2013 by the main designer and founder, the Angolan Luciana Peres and her team. The first ready-to-wear and accessories brand of African origin and Lusophone and international coverage.

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From Malawi to London, MAFRIKA is an exciting new fashion brand, inspired by vibrant African textile patterns and prints. Building a fusion of creativity and expertise across continents.

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Sifaye Haidar is a brand based in West Africa, Senegal.

Founded and created in 2013 by the creative director Maimouna Sifaye Kane. Sifaye Haidar makes luxury gowns, evening dresses, wedding dresses and traditional gown.

We are all about quality : we listen to each customer needs and wants carefully in order to satisfy every one of them.

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Tribal Pieces is a fashion house born out of a passion for fine, hand crafted materials and exotic tribal art. We strive to merge the beauty of fashion with the raw energy of tribal design.

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Sherene Melinda is a London-based designer handbag brand with a vibrant collection of South-African inspired springbok hair-on-hide handbags.

Combining the brand’s African heritage with the latest London trends, Owner and Creative Director Sherene Robson has dreamt up a range of handbags that are truly one of a kind.

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Tangerine is a ready-to-wear/couture brand based in Abuja. The brand is known for designing timeless, simple and elegant pieces. 

The brand is run by Ibee Egbuson who quit her 9 to 5 job 4 yeas ago to pursue a career in the Fashion industry, She is also the Creative director of the fashion design brand.

The tangerine woman is simple yet classy, stylish and definitely loves colours! she is no slave to trend yet she has enough funk regardless of her age; African or otherwise.

Tangerine pieces can be found in the brand's outlet in Kaura Modern Market, Abuja or on their social media platforms. Though the brand is working towards stocking pieces with retail outlets in the major cities in Nigeria and even beyond.

For enquiries contact:


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SARAH ARTHMAN is a London based brand whose main aim is to create culture melding women's clothing designs for all shapes and sizes. Our designs are both novel and fashionable, and suitable for a wide range of events and occasions.

We got started all thanks to a talent and passion for womens fashion. Specifically,  a passion for the modern western design styles and African prints and a talent forcombining the two fashion styles to create fresh, new and exciting designs.

We stick to a short and simple rule for the creative process, the rule of HARMONY.  Using a delicate balance, bold designs are created that are entirely novel concepts.  Care is always taken to keep these novel concepts consumer friendly, because as a rule at SARAH ARTHMAN we believe that high fashion and high street fashion can always get along.


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The Needle Point Shop is a lifestyle brand defined by the love for African Culture and Fashion. As a brand, Needle Point focuses in the creation of contemporary ready-to-wear clothes in African print. It is distinguished by the use of high quality prints and embellishments to create timeless pieces that transcend seasons, in addition to an impeccable customer service. It caters to the personal style needs of its clientele of varied ages, who seek to be effortlessly stylish, elegant and comfortable in their clothes.

Founded by Creative Director, Theresa Onwuka as a hobby in 2006, Needle Point was re-launched in 2010 with the opening of its flagship store in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. Theresa has a passion of making women look amazing in her timeless pieces. According to her, “it’s all about adding that touch of effortless chic to every piece”.

Needle Point has since then featured in various fashion shows in Nigeria such as; WOW DIVAS fashion show, Lagos (2011), TW magazine 5th anniversary, Lagos (2012), Fifth Chukker Polo tournament fashion show, Kaduna (2012), and Lagos Fashion and Design Week (2013), Afica Fashion Week London (2014), London Africa Cultural Event London (2014) and Fashion High Tea Kenya (2015).

A need to collaborate with other brands, while staying true to the core brand DNA saw the launch of a commensurate line, “Needle Point Xchange” in October 2014. Each Xchange collection is exclusive to the brand it is associated with. In this way, the uniqueness and intrinsic values of the collection are maintained.


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Njema Helena is a fashion company established in Nairobi, Kenya. It strives to create modern fashion with an African aesthetic for everyday life, while ensuring sustainable and fair production of all its products in Kenya.

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Soraya da Piedade , is the homonymous trademark of Designer Clothes and Accessories, trained also in entrepreneurial Business Management, is an Angolan , who has in the vein creating a style Classic , Elegant but always innovative ..





THORA JEWELS is a London based bespoke hand-crafted jewellery and accessories designer. Our collections are designed using gemstones, crystals, pearls, fabrics, leather, metals, vintage finds etc.  Each design is unique to itself. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they are involved in every single process, from the initial concept, design, production, to the delivery of the products.  We aim to stand out and never compromise on quality.

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NOIR is an African inspired ready-to-wear fashion brand that is defined by style and not a culture. Founded in January 2014, by Creative Director Ndeyfatou Ceesay, Noir is a mixture of bohemian chic trends, incorporating intricate West African techniques in the detailing.

Using three of such techniques; embroidery, beading and patchwork locally known as 'Bai Faal’ in Gambia, EMBEADED is the name of our Africa Fashion Week London collection. These techniques add a subtle yet bold touch to each of the pieces. The 3 main colors of this collection despite the Ankara detail are Black, White and a very rich shade of Red.

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