A New And Free Service Looks To Tackle Copyright Infringement For Creatives

No doubt Copyright issues plague the creative industry and many folks are desperately seeking a solution. A new and totally free service, Blockai, might just be the closest thing we have right now. 

Blockai is looking to completely change and re-vamp the way creatives can register and protect their works online. They have decided to do so via blockchain, a public ledger that is used to verify bitcoin transactions. Each transaction is time stamped and given a unique file code that is nearly impossible to replicate.

Blockai is applying this idea to art. Through a simple drag and drop process on their website you can time stamp and register each and every piece of work you create. This generates a unique certificate of registration for those pieces of work you have uploaded.

Every user has a profile on the site which allows them to file and organize all their certificates. Once uploaded, the service can track online usage of your work, and will alert you if there is any unauthorized usage. You of course have proof of a time stamped certificate to show during legal proceedings.

This is a very interesting new development in the fight against copyright because it adds another layer of protection for the creator on top of the usual reverse image search.

Furthermore, by being completely free, it gives all creators equal access to a platform that protects them and their work.

If you have had a chance to check out Blockai or know of any other tool, please leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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[via SLRLounge]