7 Things Working As A Makeup Artist Will Expose You To That No One Mentions Before You Take The Job

Even though it seems extremely glamorous, being a makeup artist can be anything but. However, there are several things that people never tell you about the job. The first being that working in the beauty industry isn't all frills. There are extremely crazy shoot schedules, a plethora of personalities, and lots of curveballs to prepare for.

Being a freelance makeup artist is about creating art on the human form. You're dealing with people individually to create something spectacular. Your job is to literally boost the confidence of everyone around you.

Whether a model wipes off all of her makeup five minutes before she is supposed to be on set (yes, it happens...lol) or it begins to rain on an outdoor shoot, you have to be prepared to spring into action. As the makeup artist, you're responsible for bringing the artistic vision to life. Think of yourself as a real life magician — but instead of a wand, you have a makeup brush.

Thinking of becoming a makeup artist or improving as an MUA? Here are a few things Emily Mcclure thinks you should consider before you start packing your brush belt. 

1. There will be A LOT of personalities.

A professional demeanor is key when working as a makeup artist. You will be dealing with numerous people, and that means a load of personalities types. Life on set can be stressful, so having a bright, charming personality can get you far as a makeup artist. If a client or model is particularly cranky, remember that silence is sometimes the best option

2. Everyone is going to have an opinion.

Having thick skin is crucial when working as a makeup artist. Whether their feedback is positive or negative, everyone is going to comment on the looks that you have created. It's just part of the job. Some clients can completely remove the makeup you had applied, because it wasn't the look she wanted anymore. As infuriating as that is, you have to remember that the client is always right.

3. Be aware of allergies.

People can be allergic to literally anything. The last thing you want is for someone to have an allergic reaction to one of your makeup products. Now, this doesn't mean that you need to use all hypoallergenic products, but you should be aware of what is in your kit. Many makeup products contain things such as latex, synthetic dyes, and even peanut oil. Be sure to ask the casting director or set manager prior to the shoot dates whether any of the talent has an allergy. This way you can eliminate or add products to your kit accordingly

4. You'll need a wardrobe of black clothing.

This is almost an unspoken rule among makeup artists. Not only does wearing all black make you look more professional, it allows the cast and crew to know that you aren't just another person on set.

5. Label everything.

Accidents happen. Sometimes an artist will pack up too quickly, and snag one of your lipsticks. Sometimes your new NARS palette is too tempting for someone to resist (*grrrh*). To make sure you leave with all of your stuff, mark your tools and products. Whether it's dotting brushes with a specific nail polish or engraving your name of your tools, labeling your stuff is always a good idea.

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6. Hygiene is everything.

Faces can seem squeaky clean, but can be loaded with bacteria. In order to keep everything hygienic, make sure to wipe down your brushes between models. Using a simple makeup wipe can do the trick.

7. Keep asking questions.

Every model and client is different. Everyone's skin reacts differently to different products or techniques. Always make sure to ask whether your client as sensitive skin or prone to oil/dryness. Not only do you want to keep the client comfortable, this will also help you when choosing the makeup to apply

You'll always be learning new things as a makeup artist, but it really is one of the most fun jobs in the world. WeI think my mascara collection proves it.